You have the Social media account, you have the HomePrezzo videos. Now all you need is to know the most efficient way to share your content. Here’s how you can easily share your HomePrezzo content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

First of all, integrate Youtube or Facebook on your HomePrezzo Account

Once you log in, click the on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

Select the Service you wish to connect to and follow the prompts.

(Youtube log-in)

(Facebook log-in)

Another easy way is to click the “Connect to Facebook” or “Connect to Youtube” button that is located on top of your dashboard.

Sharing your videos on your social media accounts

If you go back to your Dashboard, you will see all the videos that you created using HomePrezzo. If you are in Thumbnail view, hover your cursor to your chosen video and click the “share button”

But if you are in List view, click the “share button” located on the right-hand side of your video. 

Choose where you want to share it. (or you can even download your work!)

That’s it! You’re sharing your content. Whoo hoo!

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