The new HomePrezzo Testimonial Video will make your reviews and testimonials really pop!

Create them quickly inside HomePrezzo and then share them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Here's how.

  1. Make sure you have connected HomePrezzo to your Review provider. Here's how to connect to RateMyAgent.

2. Click on the Testimonial video button on your Dashboard. (Note, if you can't see that, it's because you haven't connected your review partner).

3. Select a template. You have two options at the moment - Luxury and Review. Let's start with Luxury. 

4. Choose your privacy settings and your colours as you would normally. It's also a good idea to give it a name (this will appear in the preview if you post it on social media). If you've got a logo with a white background, you may want to make the background colour white (The hex code for white is #ffffff)

5. Choose your font, and the property that you'd like to use as the backdrop image. You won't see a huge amount, but select a property that represents the kind of properties you love selling.

6. Select your testimonial from the Review section. You'll see them all in drop-down/up. Click on the one you like. It's that easy!

7. It gives you the opportunity to create a review title, but if you leave this as the reviewer name, this will appear at the bottom of the review. (So leave this as the default). You can edit the review slightly if you'd like.

8. Play your preview. Make sure you're happy with it. (Note: I don't have access to many great photos because I have a dummy CRM feed, so sorry about this one!)

9. Don't forget to finalise it and share it. Tip: if you download the bundle, you can grab the gif file. Upload this to Facebook or put it into an email and it will play automatically.

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