Creating testimonial videos is super easy if you connect first to your testimonial provider. HomePrezzo can currently create testimonial videos from RateMyAgent, Real Satisfied, Trust Pilot and Listen360.

  1. Select Integrations from your left hand menu

2. Select your testimonial provider from the list.

Need us to connect someone else? Send us a message via the chatbot or email

3. Add your agency code. 

If you don't know your code, don't panic!

Go to your review provider and click on your profile. Your agent code is part of the URL that is your unique identifier.

Here's how it works for each provider.

Example profile:
Ben's agency code is cj026 

Example profile:
Laurie's code is the bit at the end - Laurie-Davis-1

Trust Pilot
Example profile:
This is super easy. Just grab the entire URL.

Example profile:
The agency code is 1252429208576070793

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