Here are a few tips to help you create a great looking First National report including customising the photos.

1. After you've selected the First National Report button, make sure you've checked the Public button so you can share the report after you've saved it. Give your report a name too as this will appear as the title on your social pages. 

2. Check that your suburb has enough statistics to fill all the elements of the report but clicking the down arrow next to Stats.

3. To get the best results, choose the Manual property selection. This means you can make sure you're happy with the photos and make sure prices are available. Make sure you choose 12.

4. The next section is the Current Listings (you might need to slide down to see it) Make sure you choose 6. Then click Next. 

5. Upload your photos.
You can change your photos for the cover, and add your own team shot to the back page if you'd like. Click on the grey boxes and select your photo. Make sure they are not too large. 

6. Finally, click on either Next, or Save and Preview. You'll now be able to flick through the pages and make sure they're how you expected.

7. To share the Suburb Report, you'll need to download it first. 

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