Did you know you can send a link to your HomePrezzo videos or reports via SMS or any of the Messenger apps?

It’s easy. 

  • Create you HomePrezzo video or report as you would normally.

  • After you have finalised your prezzo, you’ll see your Share options. 

  • Copy the Email version link. Make sure you grab the whole address including the https://

  • For the next step, we need to get the link to your phone so you can SMS it or use a mobile app. Here’s how we recommend you do it. 

  • Create either a Messenger message to send to yourself, or create an email and write the text you want to go into your message. Ie: 

Hi <name>
Great to talk to you on Thursday. Thought you might be interested to watch this quick 30 second video about the Rushcutters Bay Property Market.

Note: When you are pasting your link, make sure you click Paste Without Formatting, or you may see a grey box around the link. 

  • Make sure you add your HomePrezzo link to the end of the message. 

  • Now you can copy and paste the entire message - including the link - to send as an SMS or via your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp on your mobile. 

Happy texting!

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