If you have a YouTube channel, you can add your HomePrezzo videos to it quickly and easily.

After you have created and finalised your video, the Share option will pop up.
Note: you can also find the share option on any video within your dashboard. Look for the share icon when you hover over the videos.  

Share icon when hovered to thumbnail view

Share icon on list view

The tab next to Share is called Download, so click on this. 

You’ll now have the option to download the video bundle. This includes the MP4 file, a gif and scenes from the video.

Click the Download Bundle button and HomePrezzo will allow you to save a Zip file in the location of your choice on your computer. 

HomePrezzo will name the Zip file according to a code and save it in the file of your choice. We really recommend you change the name to something that makes more sense to you so you can find it later. (the codes are impossible to remember)

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