All your HomePrezzo videos can now be used in your ActivePipe emails and campaigns. This gives you a great source of content to nurture leads and share valuable information that those on your email list will love. 

And it’s super easy.

We have two ways to use HomePrezzo with ActivePipe:

  1. HomePrezzo tile on the ActivePipe campaign editor

This method is the easiest and will use the video/report default thumbnail and ActivePipe landing page for your email.

See step by step instructions here on ActivePipe help pages

2. Manually upload for finer control over the use of your assets and landing page

1. Upload your HomePrezzo videos to YouTube or Vimeo

First of all, make sure you have a Youtube or Vimeo account where you can upload your videos after you have created them. To share your videos inside ActivePipe you’ll need to upload videos to YouTube, not just share them. If you need more help on uploading videos to YouTube, click here.

2. Copy the URL of your YouTube account

Go to your YouTube account and grab the URL. Make sure you only grab up to the CMV section of the URL as demonstrated and right click to copy it. 

3. Connect your HomePrezzo account with your ActivePipe account.

Go to the Settings section of your ActivePipe account and scroll down to the Links section. (It’s the little sprocket on the left-hand menu)

Paste your YouTube channel address into the YouTube section of your ActivePipe settings and make sure you click Save. That’s it! You’re pretty much done. Let’s test if it worked.

4. Add videos to your EDMs

Inside any EDM, do a quick test by editing an EDM and scrolling down to the Media section. 

Drag and drop the Video module to the place in your template that you want the video to appear, then click on Choose Video.

You’ll now be able to see the videos you’ve uploaded in your channel. 

Click on the video you want to select to insert it into your ActivePipe EDM.

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