You can feature a cool moving image into your ActivePipe emails when you insert a HomePrezzo gif.

A gif is different to a video file. It will ‘play’ automatically without the reader needing to click on anything. This can be a great way to grab attention and pull your reader in. 

  1. First, create your video in HomePrezzo, finalise it and download the bundle to your computer. This will include a gif file which is made up a selection of scenes from your video. Click here to read step by step instructions on this step. 

  2. In your ActivePipe email template, scroll down to images, and drag an image box of your choice onto your template. 

3. Click on the Camera icon inside your image and it will take you to the Upload Image section. Click the Upload button

4. Next, find your file where you downloaded your HomePrezzo bundle. Make sure you’ve extracted all the files (If the file is still zipped, you won’t be able to insert it). Select the Gif (Hint: if you can’t see the file type, the gif file is usually the first file to download).

5. Select your image and hit save.

6. Click on Choose your video and if you’ve connected ActivePipe to your YouTube or Vimeo channel, you’ll be able to see all your accessible videos. Alternatively, you can just enter the Youtube URL of the individual video you want to share. Click Get Video.

7. Your video will now appear. Remember to click save. 

The video will now play when your email recipient clicks on the play button. But if you’d like a version of your video to play automatically in the video, check out our guide on inserting Gif files into your ActivePipe EDM.

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