What’s going to happen to HomePrezzo inside ActivePipe?
HomePrezzo will now be an exciting new product inside ActivePipe. We’re looking forward to growing and expanding the capabilities of HomePrezzo to make it even easier for agents to create great content that connects with their customers. We see that we’ve now combined the best in email automation with great content automation.

How is this going to change how I create a HomePrezzo video or report?
The acquisition of HomePrezzo by ActivePipe doesn’t change anything about your HomePrezzo access or how you create a HomePrezzo video or report. The HomePrezzo platform will continue to operate as usual.

What’s happened to Nathan and Kylie?
Nathan and Kylie have joined the ActivePipe team. We’re really excited about having them on board.

If I have a question about HomePrezzo, who do I speak to?
Click on the Help desk chat or email and your question will go to customer support. In the short term, Kylie and Nathan will continue to support help requests until the ActivePipe team get up to speed.

Will my billing change?
HomePrezzo pricing will remain the same but you will now notice your invoices/receipts come from ActivePipe. If you have both a HomePrezzo account and an ActivePipe account, all products will now be on the same invoice/receipt.

Can I use HomePrezzo inside my ActivePipe account?
Yes you can! Download your videos and upload them to YouTube and you’ll be able to find them as a feed inside your ActivePipe account inside the Media/stream section

I have an ActivePipe account. Can I bundle my HomePrezzo and ActivePipe account and get a discount?
All products have separate pricing but you will receive a single invoice or receipt.

I’m an LJ Hooker office - does this change how I receive my Local Market Report?
You’ll still receive your Local Market Report as per usual from HomePrezzo.

I’m a First National office - does this change my access to HomePrezzo?
Your First National access to HomePrezzo will continue as it has done. We’ll keep sending videos to Social Estate and you’ll keep your HomePrezzo account.

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