It’s easy to create - or edit - your Eview Group report. Doing this means you can make it as long - or short - as you’d like.

1. After logging in to HomePrezzo, you’ll see the button for the Eview Group report on your dashboard. Click on it to create your report.

2. The title of your report is the name that will appear if you share the link to the PDF on your social media. You can call it something interesting to attract attention. Select your privacy settings (Public is best if you intend to share it widely). And you can type in the name of the Month to appear on the report. (Hint: Make sure you type it in ALL CAPS).

If you intend to use your report online or just printed on your office printer, select the Webbook option. If you want to have your report printed professionally, choose the Webbook and Professional Print as that will provide you with a version with print crop marks.

3. You can have up to 6 suburbs inside your Eview Group report. To select your suburbs, click on the Suburbs drop down and start typing your suburb name. You will then see the suburb options pop up. Select the correct suburb.

Just click the Add button to add more suburbs.

If you’d like to check how the data looks before you create the report, click the View Suburb Data hotlink.

4. By default, HomePrezzo will select the Auto Sales with Price and Photo for the properties in the recent sales section, but note, the bot does not always grab the best photos, especially in these days of Covid notices. It might be best to manually select them at this point. If you want to select your own properties, click on the drop down of Auto sales and select the Pick Sales instead. You will need to select 6 sales.

5. Next, it's all about you. Type in your details and upload a photo.

6. The next section is the Zebra ad page, but in fact, you can use this space for any additional content you may want in your report - such as a promotion to cover your support of a local community group or charity, or pic of your team.

You can do this by uploading your own A5 jpg file. (note: Make sure it's NOT A4 or a PDF or it may not work)

7. Next, add a short profile on yourself. About 3 short paragraphs is just right. (Ignore the rubbish I've written to fill the space. This is just to give you a visual!)

8. Click the Next button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Your report will now be assembled. Note, it may take a few minutes - depending on how many suburbs you’ve chosen (it’s a lot for a little bot to do!)

HomePrezzo will create a preview for you to view. You can scroll through each page. If you’re not happy with a page, and want to edit, click on the circle section of the top to go straight to the section you want to edit. (ie: on the example below, I’d want to edit the August and make it AUGUST, so I’d click on Report to go straight to that section to edit).

9. The last step is to share your report. You can download the PDF, share an online link of the report, or share the report straight to your social media. You can also embed the report onto a webpage.

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