What are the Eview Group reports?

HomePrezzo is proud to provide Eview Group agents with a customised template for your own market reports. These reports are A5 in size.

Your Eview Group report is A5 sized and made up of the following sections:

  1. Cover page

  2. Page 2 story

  3. Page 3 story

  4. Suburb data

  5. Recent sales

  6. Ad space (Zebra ad for corporate offices)

  7. Your agent profile page

  8. Back cover page

The reports are designed to be printed out, or can be delivered digitally as a PDF. You can also include them inside your ActivePipe emails if you are an ActivePipe customer.

How do I create or edit my report?

A full explainer (including screen grabs so it’s easy to see and compare), can be found here. And we’ve answered some more specific questions below.

Can I decide which suburbs I want to include?

Yes, you can select which of the suburbs you want to appear in your report. You can have up to a maximum of six suburbs. You can choose suburbs from anywhere in Australia. You can also choose a postcode if the suburb areas are too small to show much data.

Can I edit the article?

Articles are being supplied by head office and will be supplied inside your report each month. Alternatively, if you want to use your own copy, you can upload your own pages for this section. (You'll need to lay them out in a design program and upload them as a PDF. Don't forget they are A5 size).

Can I edit the recently sold properties?

Yes, you can select the properties you wish to feature for each suburb.

Can I create a separate report for each suburb? Or do I have to have multiple suburbs in one report?

That’s your decision. You can create a separate report for each suburb. Just note that each report will have the same cover and editorial in it. (Just the suburbs will be different based on which ones you select).

Can I edit my profile page?

Yes, you can edit your profile page - whether that is updating a phone number or email or adding a new or updated profile. We recommend you keep your profile text to around three paragraphs or it may be too long. When you first create or edit a report, you will be asked to set up your profile. While this can be edited at any time, you only need to do it once and it will work on any future report you create.

I have my own branding and logo? Can I use that in my reports?

Yes. When you first log in to HomePrezzo you’ll be asked to set up your profile and branding. Upload your logo, colours and details here and they will appear in all your reports (and other videos or content created inside HomePrezzo).

How do I get my Eview Group report?

If you belong to the Frankston or Bayside offices, you'll get an alert when your report is ready each month.

If you are part of another Eview Group office, you’ll need to sign up to HomePrezzo to set up your account and create your reports. You'll get an alert each month when the data and the content is updated, but you can create them at any time.

How often should I create a report?

Ideally, you should create a report once a month. As the data updates around the 16th of each month (give or take a day, especially at weekends) we recommend you create your report around the 20th of each month. The HomePrezzo system will email you when the data is updated to prompt you to update your report.

How often does the data update?

The suburb statistical data updates once a month - around the 16th of the month. You should aim to create your report around the 20th of the month. But the recent sales update on a daily basis (if something has sold in your area).

How much does it cost?

The cost of a monthly subscription to HomePrezzo is $60 per month for an individual licence or $99 a month if you are already an ActivePipe customer for office access. This will give you sub-licences for up to six individual agents.

How do I sign up?

Click on this link and you’ll be given a free 30 day trial of HomePrezzo through ActivePipe. It will also automatically ensure your data is connected to CoreLogic. Towards the end of your trial you’ll be contacted by the ActivePipe sales team for billing information or to add it to your existing account.

If you have more than one agent in your office who would like to use the reports during the trial, get them all to sign up to the free trial and drop HomePrezzo an email - support@homeprezzo.com to let them know the agent names and emails that you want linked to your office account.

How are the Eview Group reports being used to generate leads?

The reports are tied to a lead generation execution on your websites. A widget will be placed on the office websites of each office that signs up to the EView Group report. When a potential client visits that page, they can download their own copy of the report. The lead will then be sent to your office providing the contact details of the person who downloaded the report.

How do I connect my Eview Group report to my widget?

Andrew Metallinos from Eview Group corporate will set up your code within the Stepps website backend once you have set up your HomePrezzo account and created your first report.

How do I use the Eview Group report in my digital marketing?

Yes, you sure can. Each report has it’s own URL. You can drive traffic to your report landing page and encourage your audience to download their own copy of the report.

Is it only the Eview Group report that I get?

No! As part of this deal, you will get access to the HomePrezzo platform which creates lots of different video content that can be used in email and social media. Using HomePrezzo you can create Suburb Videos, Suburb CMAs, Property Listing Videos and Suburb Infographics with many different templates. Check out the examples here.

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