When you first start in HomePrezzo, you’ll be taken to your Profile page. This video looks at how to get your logo size and profile photo just right and gives tips for the best colour selection.

We are going to run you through getting your settings set up correctly in HomePrezzo so that every time you build a video, you don’t need to think about your contact details. You know that your photo and your logo and everything is working perfectly to allow people to see your details at the end of every video.

Go to Profile and input your details.

Make sure to completely fill out the details here because this will be featured at the end of every video you create.

TAKE NOTE: Make sure that your Agency Logo is a .jpg or .gif file and should be 2:1 in scale. This means if it is 200px wide it should be 100px tall. (make sure the smallest size is NOT less than 100px)

Upload your Agent Profile.

Choose your best photo and upload it on the agent profile section. It will be cropped. A photo that is 100px x 100px (or square) works best. 

Choose your colours

If you click on the individual boxes, you can type in the HEX number to get the exact shade of your colours. Ask your marketing team what the HEX numbers are for your colour palette.

Don’t forget to click SAVE!

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