Before you can create a property listing video, you'll need to connect HomePrezzo to your CRM. 

That will allow you to see your own photos of the properties and pull them directly into your video. (RP Data and our data providers are likely only to have older photos and not the most up to date ones which is not ideal if you want to create amazing property videos). 

CRMs we're connected to are:

  • MyDesktop

  • AgentBox

  • Locked On

  • Renet

  • Zenu

  • Box+Dice

  • Rex

  • iProperty

  • Vault

  • AgentPoint

  • Listonce

  • Eagle Software 

  • Avosoftware

To connect, click on the Connect CRM button on the dashboard.

You'll be asked to fill in a short form for us and may be asked to provide your Agent Number. This will be provided by your CRM provider. 

This sets off a chain of events. We send your application to your CRM provider and request access. Your CRM provider may then send a request to your head of IT or your principal for approval. (This is the point usually when someone shouts across the office "Hey Mary, who is this mob HomePrezzo and why do they want data access?!! - so get ready for that!!)

Your principal or head of IT may approve two different kinds of access.

The first will allow you to see all your listings directly inside HomePrezzo. We recommend this as the easiest way to create Property Listings on demand. 

The second option means you will need to go into your CRM first, and authorise them to be released to HomePrezzo. This is the best option if you have reservations about giving HomePrezzo access to your data. However, do note that this creates more steps for creating prezzos which can be a bit annoying. 

Once we have approval, we will connect you up based on your authorised approval level and send your head of IT or principal a note to let them know it's been done. Again, there might be a shout across the office wondering what's going on. Don't worry. You don't have to do anything! It's just a courtesy note to let you know you're good to go.

There is no cost to connect your CRM to HomePrezzo. 

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