Erk, just what you need in your day, right? Another platform to log into. We feel your pain, so we've made it as easy as possible to get started in HomePrezzo. 

The first thing to do before you can begin creating videos is to sign up for a free trial. (If you're an LJ Hooker office or First National, sign up through your company dashboards to receive your specialised access).

If you feel unsure about signing up and would like to understand that process further, read this article for more information. You can also see examples of all the different kinds of videos and prezzos you can create here

Otherwise, let's literally, get started!

Step 1:

Fill in your details so we know who you are and which agency you belong to. This both powers the bot and will give us permission to contact you. 

Step 2:
Upload your logo and a photo of yourself.
Your photo should be square (100px x 100px is ideal).
Your logo should be half as tall as it is wide. (ie: 100px x 200px works great, or 150 x 300 - you get the drift). Make sure you have a bit of a border around it or it could look weird in the prezzos. Jpegs perform more reliably than gifs. 

Step 3
Connect up to your data sources. This includes CoreLogic/RP Data (Pricefinder coming soon) and your testimonial provider. 

Step 4:
You can do training any time by going to our training pages, or asking that chatbot questions to be shown helpful walk throughs - just like this one!! 

Now you're good to go. You can start creating videos, or refine your settings further by clicking on the profile page. 

To see how to create a suburb video or other videos, click here

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