We understand that you might be feeling a bit unsure about signing up to HomePrezzo and entering your details to get started. That's completely normal!

If you'd like to just like to see some of the different types of videos and content you can create in HomePrezzo, check out these pages which are full of examples and some great tips on what to do with your prezzos.

Suburb Videos
Suburb Reports
Video CMAs
Property Listing Videos

If you'd like to get an overview on the Setup Process before you commit, we step you through it in this handy guide here

To give you full oversight, HomePrezzo is a content automation system. In order for the automation to work, we need to know who you are, which office you're from and get your account connected to its data source.

Without data - we can't show you how we automate it to make your life easy!

When you do a free trial of HomePrezzo, there are no credit card details required. 

If you should decide not to proceed with a full account, we will, by default, keep your contact details on file and email you from time to time with news and offers to try and tempt you back. :) But you may unsubscribe from this at any time and we will completely respect your wishes. 

Read more about our legal and privacy commitments here. 

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