You can create a report for any suburb around the country using the HomePrezzo content platform. 

  1. Choose the Suburb Report button from the dashboard. 

2. Make sure you select Public, and type a name in the Prezzo Title. If you want to print the report with a professional printer, then choose the Crop and Bleed option. If you're uploading to your website or social media, just leave as a flipbook. Then click Next.

3. The way to get best results is to check you have enough stats for your Suburb (hint: if you don't, choose a postcode instead).

4. We also recommend choosing the Manual option for selecting the properties to be shown. (This will ensure you don't get plans or poor photos in your report).

You'll need to choose 12 recent sales and 6 Current Listings. (Make sure you slide down to see the Current Listings).

5. You'll then be asked to update your photos for the cover and back page. You don't have to do this option, but if you know the local area and you have some great photos of your local area, it's a great way to personalise your report. Click on the grey boxes and select your photos (Make sure they're not too big).

6. On the last page, you'll also need to choose your colours. We also recommend you override the default settings. If your logo has a white background, make the Header and Footer white (#ffffff is the hex colour). This will give you a clean look. 

Headings are best as a dark grey or black. Make your graph colour something that will look good. Your primary colour is a highlight colour (You may wish to replicate your primary colour as the graph colour). 

7. Click Next and your report will shortly be ready for you to download!

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