What you need to do before you start

Getting started in HomePrezzo is easy. When you first sign on, you’ll be stepped through setting up your account so that you can create videos and reports quickly and easily.

But it can help if you have the following materials to hand.

Your profile photo

You should have a good quality profile photo that is square in shape. 300px x 300px is ideal 

Make sure it’s saved as either a jpg or png file. Try to avoid jfif or jpeg files as they can be a bit buggy.

Make sure your logo is twice as wide as it is tall. 300px wide x 150px is ideal. Make sure any text in your logo has a bit of space around it. Your logo should also be a png or jpg file. It can be transparent if you like, or white. (But remember if it is white or a coloured background, it may stand out on some prezzos)

Your HEX colours

You’ve probably heard of RGB and CMYK colours. HEX colours are used in online deliveries. Make sure you have at least 3 HEX colours that are compliant with your brand. (They normally start with a # and will be a series of six numbers and/or letters). Think about what colour will look best in the background, which will make a nice highlight and which colour will work best for text. If you want to use a white background (ie: if your logo has a white background), the HEX code for white is #ffffff.

Your fonts

HomePrezzo may not have your exact font, but you should be able to match it to one that is similar. It can help if you know the name of your main font to check it, but this is not essential.

Your CoreLogic/Pricefinder login and password

As part of your setup, you’ll be asked to log in to your data provider. (Note: First National and LJ Hooker offices have access under your corporate plans). If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click the ‘forgot password’ link to reset. 

Your agent CRM number

To create property listing videos, you’ll need to connect HomePrezzo to your CRM. You’ll need to fill in your Agent ID number as part of this process to kick off the connection workflow.

Your account

Your free trial will run without the need to add a credit card. Once your trial is ended, you’ll receive a notificaiton on your account that says you’ve run out of credits. Go to the Account section on the left hand side and add your credit card and select the type of subscription you’d like to continue to use HomePrezzo. Your account will be debited monthly.

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